Complete System

ID2010Single Animal System (Z 301 Indicator)$2360.00
ID2027Economy Animal Scale OR Cake feeder (R 320)2037.00
ID2036Single Animal System - No Indicator1732.00
ID2045Hay Processor Scale - 4 single mounts (R 320)1900.00
ID2046Hesston Processor Scale w/sub-frame (R 320)3500.00
ID2032Small Platform - 32 X 48" (R 320)1800.00
ID2033Hog Scale with Cage (R 320)2305.00
ID2039Portable Calf Receiver Hitch Scale (R 320)695.00
ID20412x5' Small Animal Holding Weigh Cage (R 320)3050.00

Platforms Scale      Legal for Trade NTEP Approved (all with Z 301 Indicator)

No RackWith Rack
LP2000Single Animal Weigh Cage$3400.00$4995.00
 Weigh Cage Trailer1200.00
LP20015 X 10' Platform9547.0010773.00
LP20026 X 10' Platform9925.0011151.00
LP20038 X 10' Platform10760.0012077.00
LP20048 X 12' Platform11453.0012954.00
LP20058 X 14' Platform12063.0013644.00
LP20068 x 16' Platform12690.0014645.00
LP20078 X 20' Platform13893.0015849.00
LP200810 x 10' Platform11610.0014645.00
LP200910 X 16' Platform13896.0015911.00
LP201010 X 20' Platform15406.0017486.00


ID2005Printer (Roll Or Card)$695.00
ID2043Z301 (Stainless Steel, LCD)890.00
ID2044Z201 (Stainless Steel, LCD)550.00
ID2001R230 (Indicator, LCD)450.00
Gallagher Earner 8001850.00
Tru-Test XR 30001995.00
Tag Reader695.00

Load Cells

LC20021" Bar LBS-2$299.00
LC20071 1/4" LBS-7299.00
LC20081 1/4" new type SS .1% chute load cell299.00
LC201810KS cell Platform type575.00
LC21232K Brick 1/10%495.00
LCCalf Load Cells 300lb250.00
LC500 lb to 3k S Cell 1/10%450.00