Single Animal Weigh Cage

This self-contained weight cage, measuring 8.6 ft., is constructed of heavy gauge steel & comes fitted with all the necessary electronics for effortless livestock weighing. Easy-open 36", sliding doors at either end allows the handler to open the head or rear gate when standing back with one hand by a single rope and auto spring closing. 14 gauge sheeting on both side allows quieter operation & make a blind view for the livestock looking out Adjustable sides with sloped bottoms prevents smaller livestock from turning within the cage. Rebar is welded every 10" to a steel floor for easy footing. 4-5K lb. stainless steel load cells on top of deck; cables protected in flex conduit. Floor overlaps frame allowing manure to run off the sides - prevents buildup underneath. 4 inch step-up for livestock. OPTIONS on Readout: - 12 Volt DC, 110 AC or Battery powered - LED or LCD Display - RS232 Compatible - Other Instruments Avail. OPTIONS AVAILABLE: - Trailer - Deck with No Cage - Printer - EID Tag Reader - Sonogram side opening - Computer Interface - Self Head-Catch - Will customize if necessary Certified Legal for Trade


Sizes From 5' x 10' to 10' x 20'

An all electronic multi-animal scale features a self-contained platform for complete portability. Four (4) 10,000 lb. load cells provide a 150% overload safety factor. Optional 6 ft. stock racks (with spring-loaded latches front & back) and a card printer (with time & date) are available.

Total Capacity....................20,000 lbs.
Warranty..........3 years, parts & labor*
Accuracy........................1/10th of 1%
Certified Legal for Trade in ALL STATES
NTEP Approved CofC # 02-053
*F.O.B. Garden City, Kansas


Capacity ............300 lbs.

This scale is built rugged to work with you wherever you go. Scale mounts to pickup, ATV or any vehicle with a receiver hitch. The calf scale is great for today's progressive cow/calf operations where birth weights are recorded for EPD's and other record keeping. It can also serve as a means of transport for the calf. Other benefits include having calf at working height. When the calf is upright and not on the ground, a much safer relationship is achieved with the mother cow. If you already own one of LBS' Electronic Scales, or are purchasing one, the same readout indicator can be used on both scales.



Each load cell is housed in a set of our specially designed mounts, constructed of heavy gauge steel (the most durable on the market today). Or, a set can be specifically designed to fit a customized mounting application.


We manufacture our line of load cells in our Garden City plan. All of our load cells are designed to specifications that guarantee accuracy, durability and weather resistance. The performance record of the cells we have over the years has been so high, we have increased the warranty from 2 to 3 years.

Capacity..................................5,000 lbs.
Overload Cap...............................150%
Material..........Hardened Stainless Steel
Accuracy......1/10 of 1% (or .1% 99.9%)
Warranty............3 Years, Parts & Labor


LBS Indicators are very flexible, precision instruments which include a specially written program for livestock weighing applications. All functions, including calibration capacity, gross/net, tare and graduation size are selected from the front panel. These durable indicators provide problem-free, no-nonsense weighing in less than ideal environments.

Operating Power ...............110 V, 12VDC or
Rechargeable Batteries (500 hrs w/auto shutdown)
Easy-to-Read LCD Display......1" .. 5 1/2 digits
Continuous Wight Averaging........ 1 to 6 seconds (adjustable) Interface Port............RS232; easily connects to computers/printers, etc.

Our electronic indicators are compatible w/computer systems offered by the various animal health suppliers or livestock management programs. They are designed to monitor drug dosages, inventory, cattle history & overall performance.


Allows the livestock feeder to maintain accurate records on pasture fed cattle by netting off individual amounts/loads of feed, medicated cake and minerals dispensed. It will also be possible to track exact amounts removed from storage bins, loaded into the feeder and the pounds that are fed per head.


Mixer box load cells and indicators can be installed on all shapes and sizes of feeder mixer boxes.


This portable scale is designed for fast handling of small animals such as sorting pigs for marketing weights. Each end has quick open gates. The simplified design of this economical scale gives top performance. No cable, mechanical bearings or pivot points to jam or bind. The electronic indicator has continuous weight Averaging which gives steady readings while the animal is still active on the scale. The display can be 110 volts or battery powered and is accurate within 99.9% or 1/10th of 1%.


Allows the livestock feeder to maintain accurate records on pasure fed or bunk fed cattle, by netting off individual amounts of hay dispensed. It will also be possible to track the exact amounts remove from hay storage, loaded into the processor and exact pounds fed per head.


This special platform scale 32" x 48" is designed for weighing ostriches and other ratites. Hooded birds can be easily held on scale for weighing. 110 volt or battery powered indicator which is accurate within 99.9% or 1/10th of 1%. When you need accurate weights of big birds for decisions about feed conversions, growth rates, medication dosage or marketing information LBS has what you need. Optional big bird box can be added. The enclosure is 34" wide, 5' long and 8' high, and will open on both ends for front or back entry or exit.